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Cyclamen repandum 'Amazing Hope'

Cyclamen repandum ‘Amazing Hope’

A Selection by Marco ten Hoope of the Netherlands, with cordate (heart-shaped) leaves that have broad sinuate dentate (indented, wavy and toothed) margins with a broadly acute apex. They have a broad dark green edge and a large Christmas tree shaped silvery-green centre. The average leaf size is 7 cm long and 6.4 cm wide.

The flowers have light pink corolla lobes (petals); towards the mouth the colour is deep pink or purplish red. They are slightly scented.

This cultivar was raised from a single exceptional seedling that occurred within a batch of normal leaf types. As with ‘Shiny Hope’ the best seedlings were back crossed with the parent in order to stabilise the line. It comes 90% true from seed.