The Board of Trustees of the Cyclamen Society make financial grants available for organisations or individuals to assist them in pursuing projects which are likely to lead to a greater knowledge or understanding of the genus Cyclamen, in accordance with our charitable aims.

A total sum of £10,000 per year (running from 1 October to 30 September) is available, with a maximum grant of £5000 for any one project. Applicants initially need to submit a short outline of their project, maximum 300 words, to the Grants Committee for consideration. This committee may request more detail to establish whether or not the project will help fulfil our charitable aims and will then recommend (or not) to the Board of Trustees that a grant be made and the sum to be awarded. The board will then consider any recommendation and the decision of the board shall be final.

We do not want to discourage any person from applying nor do we want to restrict the types of project put forward nor the kind of support which may be given.

We seek applications from enthusiastic amateurs, including any resident in areas where cyclamen are native plants, as well as those applications normally expected, from tertiary education students and departments of universities or other academic organisations.

Currently, we particularly wish to update our knowledge of chromosome numbers in Cyclamen, which present trends in plant studies at British universities have made more difficult to carry out, as the expertise is not so readily available. We are also keen to improve our understanding of the mechanisms involved in vegetative reproduction of Cyclamen clones. However, the trustees are happy to stimulate interest in any project likely to lead to a greater knowledge or understanding of the genus Cyclamen, in accordance with our charitable aims, whether in traditional areas of botany or otherwise.

The support afforded could be for travel costs, accommodation, materials, laboratory analysis, statistical work or any other aspect of a project which the committee see fit.

If you wish to apply for a grant, a leaflet is available to download from the following link (Grant award information 2019) and/or more information can be obtained by contacting us.