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Cyclamen pseudibericum 'White Hope'

Cyclamen pseudibericum f. candidum ‘White Hope’

A Selection by Marco ten Hoope of the Netherlands. Attributable to C. pseudibericum forma candidum, it has completely white flowers. The average size of the corolla lobes (petals) is 3.4 cm long and 1.0 cm wide. They are slightly scented.

The glossy leaves are cordate (heart-shaped), coarsely and irregularly crenate (with rounded teeth) with an obtuse to broad bluntly acute apex. They have a narrow Christmas tree shaped central blotch that extends the length of the leaf, surrounded by lighter green with a greyed green edge, sometimes with light green spots. The average leaf size is 5.1 cm long and 4.4 cm wide.

It comes 80% true from seed, but the flowers sometimes have light pink inside the auricles and these seedlings should be rogued out.

Marco has been developing this cultivar since 2004. He selected the lightest pink-flowered forms of his normal C. pseudibericum and crossed the two selected plants. Every two or three years he selected the lightest pink-flowered seedlings and crossed them back with the seedling with the lightest pink flowers until the completely white flower occurred. Until now there are still a few seedlings with flowers that are white from the outside but with some light pink/purple spots in the inside of the flower and it is important that these are rogued out, but otherwise completely white flowers occur.