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Cyclamen mirabile 'Tilebarn Jan'

Cyclamen mirabile ‘Tilebarn Jan’

This cultivar has similar leaves to ‘Tilebarn Nicholas’ but has white flowers; leaves bright silver with a dark green central ‘Christmas-tree’ shaped pattern, but notable for the silver areas being flushed bright pink, when freshly emerged, with ephemeral hairs which drop off the leaf after a few weeks; flowers white, but not consistently pure white, some seedlings having flowers with a pale pink ‘nose’, the petals have a finely serrated margin; the original plant was found by Peter Moore amongst a batch of tubers given to him by the late Professor Jan Ietswaart from the Netherlands. Seedlings from the original plant were selected over several generations to achieve consistently white flowered progeny; other white flowered plants have been found in the wild and those without leaves like this cultivar should properly be referred to the valid botanical status C. mirabile forma niveum.