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Cyclamen hederifolium 'Verde'

Cyclamen hederifolium subsp. hederifolium ‘Verde’

An unusual Cyclamen hederifolium subsp. hederifolium cultivar called ‘Verde’ bred in Japan by Mr. Kentaro Nemoto and Ayako Ozawa.

Distinctive characteristics are a white flower with small pointed green edged petals, the mouth of the flower is reddish pink. Petal length is about 2 cm., the leaves are arrow head shaped with dentate margins and a pale green shield pattern in the centre.

Based at the Hara Nursery, in Japan near Mt Fuji, the nursery has been producing Cyclamen persicum (florist’s variety) since 1972.

About 10 years ago, Mr. Nemoto happened to find a C. hederifolium with a green edged flower, which had come from seed of Cyclamen hederifolium subsp. hederifolium f. albiflorum. Although it has pollen, it does not release it easily and was reluctant to set seed for several years. It takes a long time to mature and fix the characteristic darker green edged petals. Only about 75% come true to type from seed, so the progeny needs careful rogueing to ensure the cultivar stays true to type. About 20 seeds are produced per pod.

He named it ‘Verde’ so that anyone can recognise it. They sold 2 plants in 2019, and were able to sell 100 in 2022. More than 300 plants have been produced to date (2023).