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Cyclamen hederifolium 'Ruby’s Peach'

Cyclamen hederifolium subsp. hederifolium ‘Ruby’s Peach’

This cultivar was discovered by Ruby and David Baker at Tsagkarada in the Pelion, Greece. During their frequent visits to Greece they would use their expertise to spot anything interesting or different and that is just what they did on a visit to the Pelion one Autumn.

The defining character of ‘Ruby’s Peach’ is its unusual flower colour, a striking peach colour. On the RHS colour charts the darker auricles are 59A and the main petal colour is 63B. The petal length is 22mm and the width is 12mm.

The leaves are unremarkable, typical for C. hederifolium, average measurements being 102mm long by 74mm wide. The central ‘shield’ area colour coding as 189A, with the darker leaf areas coding as 136A. The seed pods and tuber are typical of C. hederifolium.