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Cyclamen cyprium 'Shiny Hope'

Cyclamen cyprium ‘Shiny Hope’

A  C. cyprium cultivar by Marco ten Hoope, it has very slightly glossy leaves which are broad cordate (heart-shaped) to near deltoid (triangular, delta-shaped) with coarsely broad, irregular and shallowly dentate (sharply toothed) margins and an acute apex. They have a narrow dark green hastate (arrow-shaped) centre surrounded by silver with varying sized dark green spots and with a dark green leaf margin. This dark green margin is spotted with silver. The average leaf size is 5 cm long and 4 cm wide.

The flowers are white with pink/purple at the mouth. They are slightly scented.

A seedling of C. cyprium was selected from among a batch of seedling plants that had good leaf colours with a lot of silver splashes. The best true seedlings from this plant were back crossed with the parent to produce a stable line.