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Cyclamen coum 'Nymans'

Cyclamen coum f. coum ‘Nymans’

Typical rounded coum leaves of a rather yellowish-green; flowers small, deep claret-coloured with pale markings in the form of a V at the base of each petal. This cultivar was selected by Eliot Hodgkin from a group of C. coum collected by E. K. Balls as part of collection EKB371.

EKB371 originally consisted of a number of plants which were sent direct to Mr Comber, the Countess of Rosse’s head gardener at Nymans in 1933/34. Unfortunately the collection location records were lost when the greater part of Nymans was destroyed by fire in 1946.

Two similar plants were collected on the 1987 CS Expedition to North East Turkey at Ikizdere. One all silver with a pink rather ‘dumpy’ flower the other overall silver with a dark green central stripe up the centre of the leaf, neither of these plants are now in cultivation.