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Cyclamen coum 'Marie'



‘Marie X-mas’

‘Marie Patterned Leaf’

Cyclamen coum f. coum ‘Marie’

A selection by Jan Bravenboer. The leaf is typically cordate (heart-shaped). The leaf is 15-27 mm (average 17 mm) long by 20-23 mm (average 20 mm) wide. It has a margin all around the edge of dark olive green with the centre of the leaf being overall silver green. The overall colour and pattern is similar to ‘Maurice Dryden’. The underside of the leaf is light green. The distinctive feature is that the petals are only partially or not at all reflexed. The flowers are pale pink with a darker picotee edging; the petals are small, ovate (egg-shaped) with an obtuse (rounded) tip and have a basal stain on the sinus. The flower is not auriculate nor is the style exerted. The petal length is 7-9 mm, the petal width is 5 mm with a slight twist. The tuber is depressed on the top, globose (spherical) brown. The roots emerge from the centre of the underside of the tuber. Diameter is approximately 30 mm. The seed pods have 5 to 10 seeds per pod. It is not known how true to type the seed is.

Jan Bravenboer named this cultivar after his mother because it is a dainty plant and she was, as he said, a small, stubborn and cute dainty lady.

Cyclamen coum f. coum ‘Marie X-mas’

This cultivar is identical to ‘Marie’ with regard to the flowers and colour, size and texture of the leaves, the narrow dark olive green X-mas tree pattern in the middle of the leaves, being the sole difference.

Cyclamen coum f. coum ‘Marie Patterned Leaf’

This cultivar is identical to ‘Marie’ with regard to the flowers and the size of the leaves, but in contrast to ‘Marie’ the leaves are patterned. The undersides of the leaves are green with a slight purple flush.