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Cyclamen coum 'Golan Heights'

CSE 90417 the original parent of the cultivar ‘Golan Heights’

Cyclamen coum f. albissimum ‘Golan Heights’

The original plant (collection number CSE 90417, Site 90/11Is) was collected on the Golan Heights in Israel by a Cyclamen Society team of Richard Bailey, Peter Moore and Melvyn Jope in 1990. Peter Moore succeeded in bulking up over 100 plants and these were distributed to lucky Society members at a Wisley Show.  It is still available in the trade. However, many report that it is a difficult plant to grow and to persuade to set seed. The plant is small in all its parts, with plain green glossy leaves. The flowers are pure white with petals being typically 10mm long where the flower diameter is 15mm. Oron Peri, an Israeli member of the Cyclamen Society and great plant expert, comments that it has “a flat form of flower which is typical of the southern populations.”