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Cyclamen coum 'George Bisson'

Cyclamen coum f. albissimum ‘George Bisson’

Named by Mary Saunders in 1994 in memory of her father, it is a pure albino, white with no red at all on the leaf or flower stalks. She said of it:

‘George Bisson’ is a pure albino with no red at all on the leaf or flower stalks, and a pure white flower. It is a much tougher plant than Cyclamen coum forma albissimum ‘Golan Heights’. The seed pods and seeds are also a pale greeny brown colour without any red. It is very difficult to get it to set seed that is viable hence it is very slow to propagate.

Mary recalls ‘I found the original seedling entirely by chance in a group of coum seedlings growing outside that were grown from seed collected from my own plants. I can remember the day I first saw it, for some reason I began to search through the flowering seedlings looking for an all white one, maybe my eye had seen it but not registered it, as they are so incredibly rare the chances of finding one like this were very slim.’