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Cyclamen cilicium 'Jean Marie Vande weghe 1'

Cyclamen cilicium ‘Jean Marie Vande weghe 1’

A selection by Marco ten Hoope named to commemorate the late Jean Marie Vande weghe, a member who lived in Hertsberghe, Belgium and Aix-en-Provence in France. Jean Marie promoted cyclamen-growing in the low-countries and encouraged many to join the Society.

This cultivar has a completely silver leaves, sometimes with a faint, hardly discernible shading in the main portion of the leaf but with the ribs showing through in the original colour. The moderately glossy to glossy leaves are cordate (heart-shaped) with repand (very slightly wavy) margins and a broad bluntly acute apex. The average leaf size is 3.6 cm long and 3.2 cm wide.

This cultivar and ‘Jean Marie Vande weghe 2’ both arose from a plant with silvery leaves and a green centre that Jean Marie gave to Marco. After a few years of back crossing, the plants were stable and C. cilicium ‘Jean Marie Vande weghe 1’ had arisen between the seedlings. The flowers are not significant in the naming of the cultivars, but are normal cilicium types which are light pink with a magenta nose and a honey scent.