Banksian Medal Totals 2024

Winter ShowSpring ShowEarly Autumn ShowLate Autumn ShowTotals
Denise Bridges33
Roger Brook55
David Carver2222
Vince Cordell93241
Phöbe Friar152944
Martin Jackson1010
Maurice Jackson42428
Melvyn Jope55
Sue Bedwell1313
Pat Nicholls1515
Ian Robertson4343
John Savage11819
Roy Skidmore11920
Steve Walters3679115
Paul Whitlock82937
Trevor Wiltshire77
Bob Worsley1515
The current Banksian Medal holder is Steve Walters

The Banksian Medal is normally awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society to the exhibitor who through the course of a year, earns the most points in all the horticultural classes at the four Cyclamen Society shows.
The medal cannot be won by the same person in consecutive years.