Show Policy

Introduction This policy sets out the rules which the trustees have put in place to ensure that competitive shows are managed in an orderly and well understood manner. The direct responsibility for the implementation of these rules and for their amendment lies with the Show Committee working under the auspices of the Board of Trustees.

Eligibility of Exhibitors Only members of the Cyclamen Society may compete. Entries in the Novice classes are restricted to members who have not previously won five first prizes (excluding those from photographic classes).

Entries There is no restriction on the number of entries a competitor may exhibit in any one class (other than classes A1 and A2 where entries are restricted to one per competitor).

Ownership of Exhibits All entries must have been in the ownership or care of the exhibitor for a minimum of six months prior to the show.

Staging The Show Secretary will organise the layout of the classes. Entry cards, which will be available at the show, should be laid face down in front of the exhibit. The card must show the species, the class number, the name of the exhibitor, and date. All plants must be in place in the competitive classes by 10.00 am.

Prize Money and Trophies Prize money will be awarded as follows: 1st Prize – £5, 2nd Prize – £3, 3rd Prize – £2. All trophies are held for one year and must be returned, cleaned and polished, to the Show Secretary in time for the next relevant show.

Removal of Exhibits No exhibits may be removed from the hall before the close of the show without the prior approval of the Show Secretary.

Size of Pots The 19cm dimension is the overall diameter of the pot measured across its top outside rim.

Number of plants in a pot One plant only must be contained in a pot or pan exhibited in the competitive classes.

Labelling Plants may be exhibited with or without plant identifying labels.

Liability for Loss or Damage The Society will not accept liability for loss or damage by whatever cause.

General Comments Exhibits must be ‘in character’ (for example, not drawn). Pots must be clean and plants free of pests and diseases. The presence of damaged leaves or flowers, or faded flowers will count against an exhibit.The presence of seed pods and/or seedlings will be judged sympathetically, provided that the plant to be judged for flower still bears a sufficient number of flowers.The oiling of clay pots is strongly discouraged. Judges reserve the right to withhold the award of a trophy if no plant reaches the high standard which has been established at previous shows. Entries not conforming to these rules may be disqualified; please consult the Show Secretary if in doubt.

Photographic Section Rules Photographs must have been taken by the exhibitor; processing may have been done professionally. If prints are produced in a conventional darkroom or via a computer, any manipulation must be confined to the removal of minor blemishes or distractions. Photographs may be mounted or unmounted. The photograph must measure a minimum of 15cm x 10cm and a maximum of 21cm x 29.7cm. The name of the plant must appear on the entry card. Exhibitors are advised to write their own name on the back of the photograph to avoid risk of loss. Entries are unlimited but photographs that have won first prizes are not eligible in subsequent years. Photographs can be of groups of plants, whole plants or parts of plants. 

Policy agreed: 2023.