Cyclamen Society Field Study: Zakinthos, Greece 2008

The Society’s field study to Zakinthos in November 2008 followed the successful
field study to Corfu in 2007. The aim was to collect data and samples of 
Cyclamen hederifolium, and to establish whether subsp. crassifolium is 
present in any part of the Ionian Islands.

The morphology (appearance) of the plant leaves encountered met all
the criteria as laid out by Hildebrand, confirming subsp. crassifolium
plants are present on Zakinthos.

Leaf samples from some plants were later sent for flow cytometry
analysis which confirmed the plants were tetraploid 2n=68.

27 plants were collected from the 11 sites surveyed.

A short report of the 2008 field study was published in the
Cyclamen Society Journal Vol. 33 No. 1, June 2009.

Abridged field notes referenced by site number follow this table.
Giving brief locational information and habitat data which may aid cultivation.

CSE Plants Zakinthos, Greece 2008.

Plant images may be viewed by clicking on the purple CSE plant number.

CSE Plant No.Site No.SpeciesDescription
08001G08/01C. hederifoliumSilver centred leaf very bright and eye catching.
08002G08/01C. hederifoliumSilver leaf with nice reverse.
08003G08/01C. hederifoliumLeaf similar to C. confusum from Topolia Crete.
08004G08/02C. hederifoliumVery dark flower.
08005G08/02C. hederifoliumGood leaf.
08006G08/02C. hederifoliumVery large flower.
08007G08/02C. hederifoliumLarge dark flower with 180° flower twist.
08008G08/03C. hederifoliumNo leaves present, flower picotee.
08009G08/04C. hederifoliumImmature leaves with dentate margins, large flowers with twisted petals.
08010G08/05C. hederifolium08010G and 08011G growing close together and collected for cross pollination.
08011G08/05C. hederifoliumBoth plants have large flowers with basal markings extending into petals.
08012G08/05C. hederifoliumDark flower and C. confusum like leaf.
08013G08/05C. hederifoliumSilver leaf.
08014G08/06C. hederifoliumAbnormally large leaf.
08015G08/06C. hederifoliumExtreme arrow head leaf.
08016G08/07C. hederifoliumGood pewter leaf.
08017G08/07C. hederifoliumGood pewter leaf similar to 08016G.
08018G08/07C. hederifoliumVery bold leaf with good markings.
08019G08/08C. hederifoliumVery bold leaf with silver centre.
08020G08/09C. hederifoliumExtreme arrow head leaf.
08021G08/09C. hederifoliumStar shape leaf.
08022G08/10C. hederifoliumTiny arrow head leaf.
08023G08/10C. hederifoliumOutstanding leaf.
08024G08/10C. hederifoliumOutstanding leaf.
08025G08/10C. hederifoliumC. confusum type leaf.
08026G08/10C. hederifoliumC. confusum type leaf.
08027G08/11C. hederifoliumWell marked silvery leaf, darkish flower.

CSE Sites in Zakinthos, Greece 2008

Site images may be viewed by clicking on the purple site number.

9/11/08. On road between Argassii and Vasilikos
Altitude: 70m., Shade: 50%, Aspect: North, Slope: vertical, pH: 7.4, Soil: Glutenous clay.
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Road side verge and vertical cliff. Growing conditions: Fertile, wet.
Associated plants: Arbutus nitida, Smilax sp., Oxalis pes-caprae., Digitalis sp., Rosa sp., Arisarum vulgare, Anemone sp., inc A. pulverenta, Genista sp., Erica arborea?, Senecio sp., Pistacia sp., Grasses, Bracken.

10/11/08. On the road to Keri, just South-west of turning to Marathia
Altitude: 60m., Shade: 75%, Aspect: North, Slope: roadside verge, pH: 7.3 Soil: Peaty with leaf letter.
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Plants growing on the roadside against a vertical cliff with Cyclamen growing on the cliff top. Growing conditions: Moist layer of leaf litter and pine needles on top of soil.
Associated Plants: Pinus sp., Quercus sp., Oxalis sp., Geranium sp., Anemone sp., Bellis perennis, Crocus boryi, Fagus sp., Grasses various.

11/11/08. West of the Orthonies junction on the road towards Anafonitria.
Altitude: 38m., Shade: 0%, Aspect: West facing, Slope: Vertical, Soil: Terra rossa.
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Roadside stone hedge. Growing Conditions: Very open and exposed area.
Associated Plants: Grasses.

11/11/08. On road between Volimes and Skinaria.
Altitude: 336m., Shade: 25%, Aspect: North.
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Roadside verge. Growing conditions: Limestone rubble.
Associated Plants: Immature grasses.

11/11/08. On road between Volimes and Skinaria.
Altitude: 250m., Shade: 50%, Aspect: North, Slope: Flat.
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Area dips down to roadside olive grove. Growing Conditions: Terra rossa and limestone.
Associated Plants: Colchicum sp. including C. pusillum, C. coupanii, Crocus boryi, Salvia sp., Grasses various.

11/11/08. On road from coast heading east towards Agia Thekii just before first hairpin.
Altitude: 61m., Shade: 60%, Aspect: North, pH: 7.5.
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Roadside beneath vertical limestone and olive terraces. Growing Conditions: Moist limestone rubble and leafy soil.
Associated Plants: Biarum tenuifolium, Arisarum vulgare, Erica sp., Cistus sp., Bryonia sp., Quercus sp., Grasses.

12/11/07. On road from Katastari to Korithi, coast road on hairpin bend
Altitude: 75m., Shade: 80%, Aspect: North, Slope: 60°, Soil: Leafy.
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Deep moist shaded gully, winter watercourse. Growing Conditions: Leafy soil over limestone rocks and rubble.
Associated Plants: Fungi sp., Cupressus sp., Muscari sp., Salvia sp., brambles, grasses.

12/11/08. On road between Elias and Volimes.
Altitude: 341m., Shade: 60%, Aspect: North west, Slope: vertical,
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Roadside verge with limestone wall. Growing conditions: Dry stone wall field rain drainage.
Associated Plants: Iris unguicularis, grasses various on the edge of an olive grove.

12/11/08. Anafronitria.
Altitude: 310m., Shade: 60%, Aspect: North west, Slope: level, Soil: Terra rossa.
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Roadside verge, stone wall. Growing Conditions: Dry with limited humus.
Associated Plants: Asplenium sp., Cistus sp., Pistacia sp., Grasses.

13/11/08. On road between Machairado and Koiliomenos.
Altitude: 313m., Shade: 0%, Aspect: North, Slope: 50°, pH: 7.2, Soil: Terra rossa & charcoal.
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Burnt slope.
Associated Plants: Crocus boryi, Quercus sp., Pistacia sp., Asphodelus sp.

13/11/08. On road between Exo chora and Agia Leon
Altitude: 421m., Shade: 0%, Aspect: West, Slope: flat.
Species: Cyclamen hederifolium.
Habitat: Roadside verge open aspect. Growing Conditions: Terra rossa, damp road run off.
Associated Plants: Calendular arvensis, Cistus sp., Euphorbia sp., grasses.

Acknowledgements. We would like to thank George Handrinos in Athens for his continued willing assistance with research permits, Eleni Kiapidou in Corfu and Litsa Kefalinos in Zakinthos for their invaluable assistance with CITES documentation and for all the help that they provided to ensure that the field trip was a success.