Cyclamen Society Field Study: Peloponnessos & Saronic Islands, 1993

The second field study to the Peloponnese in April 1993, its purpose, to extend
knowledge of the area where C. rhodium were to be found, with special emphasis
on C. rhodium ssp. vividum.

The collected plants were to be grown for a number of years at Tile Barn Nursery
(now closed). Seed from these plants was collected and made available to the
membership via the distribution scheme in much the same way as C. coum from
previous Field Studies had been.

A report of the 1993 field study was published in the
Cyclamen Society Journal Vol. 17 No. 2, December 1993.

Abridged field notes referenced by site number follow this table.
Giving brief locational information and habitat data which may aid cultivation.

CSE Plants in Peloponnessos & Saronic Islands, Greece 1993.

If plant images are available they may be viewed by clicking on the purple CSE plant number.

CSE Plant No.Site No.SpeciesSubspeciesDescription
9300193/01C. hederifoliumPlain green small leaf – no hastate pattern discernable.
9300293/02C. graecum
9300493/02C. rhodiumvividumDentate leaves.
9305193/04C. rhodiumvividum
9305293/04C. rhodiumvividum
9305393/04C. rhodiumvividum
9305593/04C. rhodiumvividum
9305693/04C. rhodiumvividum
9305793/05C. rhodiumvividum
9305893/05C. rhodiumvividum
9305993/05C. graecum
9306093/05C. graecum
9306193/05C. graecum
9306393/05C. graecum
9306493/05C. graecum
9306593/05C. rhodiumvividum
9306693/05C. graecumCordate leaf, dark green with scroll-like pattern.
9306793/05C. rhodiumvividum
9306893/05C. rhodiumvividum
9306993/06C. rhodiumvividum
9307093/06C. rhodiumvividum
9307193/06C. hederifolium
9307293/06C. hederifolium
9307393/07C. hederifoliumcrassifolium
9315093/09C. rhodiumvividum
9315193/09C. rhodiumvividum
93151A93/10C. hederifoliumSilver leaf.
9315293/10C. hederifoliumSilver leaf, green stripe.
9315393/10C. hederifoliumSilver leaf.
9315493/10C. hederifoliumSilver leaf, green edge.
9315593/10C. hederifoliumSilver centre lobed/dentate margin.
9315693/10C. hederifoliumSilver leaf.
9315793/10C. hederifolium
9315893/10C. hederifoliumVery fine silver leaves.
9315993/10C. hederifoliumcrassifolium
9316093/10C. hederifolium
9322493/12C. rhodiumvividum
9322593/12C. rhodiumvividumWhite flowers, pink flush.
9322693/12C. rhodiumvividum
9322793/12C. rhodiumvividumVery long dark flowers with 180° twist.
9325393/14C. rhodiumvividum
9325493/14C. rhodiumvividum
9325593/14C. rhodiumvividum
9327093/15C. rhodiumvividum
9328593/16C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacumSimilar to subspecies vividum.
9328693/16C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacumSimilar to subspecies vividum.
93288A93/16C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacumSimilar to subspecies vividum.
93288B93/16C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacumSimilar to subspecies vividum.
93288C93/16C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacumSimilar to subspecies vividum.
9335193/17C. rhodiumvividum
9335293/17C. hederifolium
9335393/17C. rhodiumvividum
9340393/18C. rhodiumvividum
9350593/19C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9353393/19C. hederifolium
9353493/19C. hederifolium
9353593/19C. hederifolium
9353693/20C. rhodiumvividum
9356493/21C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9356593/21C. hederifolium
9356693/21C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9356793/21C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9356893/21C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9356993/21C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9357093/21C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9357193/21C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9357293/21C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9362393/22C. hederifoliumcrassifolium
9362493/22C. hederifolium
9362593/22C. hederifolium
9362693/22C. hederifolium
9362793/22C. hederifoliumPewter leaves.
9362893/22C. hederifolium
9362993/22C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9363093/22C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9363193/22C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9363293/22C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9363393/22C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9363493/22C. rhodiumpeloponnesiacum
9364293/23C. graecum
9364393/03C. graecum
9364493/03C. graecum
9364593/03C. graecumLeaf with silver centre.
9364693/03C. graecumLeaf silver centre, low contrast.

CSE Sites in Peloponnessos & Saronic Islands, Greece 1993.

If site images are available they may be viewed by clicking on the purple site number.

Saronic Islands


Poros – south of Poseidon’s Temple.
Altitude: 200m. Light woodland of Quercus coccifera and Pinus brutia, with Cyclamen hederifolium and C. graecum. Aspect: generally southerly, though no slope. Soil: Limestone in terra rossa. Collected plant 93001 found gowing in open conditions in road hard shoulder.


Altitude: 10m. Aspect: East facing bank of south facing valley. Shade: 70%, Slope: 1:1. Soil: Loamy terra rossa Thin scrub under Pinus. Pinus canopy to 15m over 50% of floor cover with dead pine needles.
Growing with: Pinus brutia, Pistachio lentiscus, Cistus salvifolius, Erica arborea, Quercus coccifera, etc. Probably poor conditions for C. graecum, due to low light levels. Leaves mostly few even for large tuber. Plants common but thinly spread.


Hydra. Above main town of Hydra.
Altitude: 200m. Dry partly exposed soil. Shade: 0%, Aspect: North facing, Slope: 1:3. Soil: Terra rossa.
Growing with: grasses, Papaver, Fritillaria rhodokinakis, Ophrys sp. Orchis sp. Viccia, Convolvulus altheiodes



Near Astros: Between Ag. Andreas and Ag. Pandeleimon, both sides of road.
Altitude: 200m. Aspect: Slope 45 degrees facing North-northwest. Shade: 50%, Soil: Terra rossa over 600mm deep where recently exposed. Lower down, 50% mix with loose limestone rocks. Dense scrub with open patches of grass below terracing, also on recent terrace along the outer edge of disturbed material. Plants larger leaved and taller flowered in shaded positions. Lower and more compact in the open, but just as many leaves and flowers. Soil still moist very near surface.
Growing with: Quercus coccifera, Anenome pavonina, Anenome blanda, Orchis quadripunctata, Fritillaria graeca, Selaginella, Geranium robertianum, Muscari Pistachio, Acer, Rubia, Callicotome, Cistus


West of Astros. Forest road above Prastos.
Altitude: 1400m. Aspect: North facing 1:3 slope. Open Abies & Pine forest. Shade: 50%, Soil: Shallow terra rossa on limestone substrate, in depressions a build up of needle leaf litter. Harsh growing conditions – covered by snow all winter (snow still lying nearby).
Growing with: Abies, Prunus, Digitalis ambigua, Ribes grosularia, Pteridium aquilinum, Anenome blanda, Iris unguicularis, Rubus fruticosus, grass


West of Astros. Above Prastos, as site 93/04 but lower altitude.
Altitude: 1100m. Open Abies and Pinus forest, Aspect: slope 1:2 facing East, Shade: 30%, Soil: Terra rossa to maximum depth of 300mm 50% top mix with stones. Substrate limestone.
Growing with: Abies, Juniperus, Euphorbia rigida, Convolvulus altheoides, Onosma, grasses, Phlomis fruticosa etc.


West of Astros. Above Prastos, at lower altitude than sites 93/04 & 93/05. 50m lower than site 93/05.
Altitude: 1050m. Open Abies and Pinus forest. Shade: 60%. Aspect: North facing slope of 1:1. Soil: Terra rossa over limestone. Companion plants as site 93/05


West of Astros, above Prastos, adjacent to monastery.
Altitude: 550m, Aspect: North facing slope of 1:1. Shade: 70%. Dense low scrub. Soil: Good loam over terra rossa. Very sheltered.
Growing with: Platinus orientalis, Acer sempervirens, Quercus, Ilex, Rubus fruticosus Hedera helix, Quercus coccifera, Thymus sp., Geranium robertianum, Bellis perennis, grasses


Near Leonidi. To the north of Tirou, where the road cuts away from the coast . Plants on both sides of the road.
Altitude: 25m. Aspect: North facing slope of 1:1, down to 0 at edges of field. Shade: 70-90%. Soil: terra rossa, probably very deep. Dense scrub and trees at base of slope and at edge of cultivated land. Scrub and tree only about 15m at deepest then slope, normal maquee.
Growing with: Styrax officianalis, Acer monspelliensis, Juniperus, Myrtus, Pistachio lentiscus, Anenome pavonina, grasses, Cistus, Rubia etc.
Good, very well protected plants. Possibly received some fertilizer against very edge of field. Plants distributed only along the very edge and canopy cover. None at all on slope above in Phrygana. 5% of leaves with iridescent sheen. After about 300m, C. rhodium ssp. vividum seems to disappear and C. hederifolium starts.


On road from Tirou to Leonides.
Altitude: 100m. Roadside verge, overhung gulley. Aspect: North facing 1:1 slope. Shade: 60%. Soil: Friable loam over limestone in good moist roadside gulley.
Growing with: Quercus, Muscari neglectum, Anenome coronaria, Euphorbia characis, Phlomis fruticosa, Ornithogalum sp., Onosma, Oxalis praes-capria, grasses


Road from Leonidi to Vaskina.
Altitude: 525m. Low, heavily grazed scrub. Shade: 0-25%. Aspect: North facing 1:2 slope. Soil: Terra rossa over limestone, clay-like at base of topsoil. Many large rocks at surface. Exposed and often windy.
Growing with: Quercus coccifera, Calicotome villosa, Daboecia cantabrica, Globularia, Ophrys quadripunctata, Phlomis fruticosa, Fritillaria graeca, grasses, Crocus cancellatus.
Cyclamen doing well despite grazing, with plenty of young plants.


Road from Paleohori to Platanaki, near Leonidi.
Altitude: 850m. Quercus scrub with intermittent Abies on rocky open hillside. Shade: 50%. Aspect: Northeast facing slope of 1:2. Soil: Terra rossa over limestone.
Growing with: Erica, Juniperus, Euphorbia rigida, Iris unguicularis, Anenome blanda, grasses, Quercus coccifera, Cistus, Vinca, Acer monspelliensis, Phlomis fruticosa, Abies.


Road from Leonidi to Geraki, north of Kosmas.
Altitude: 1050m. Open Abies forest with some scrub. Aspect: North facing slope of 1:1. Soil: Woodland loam/terra rossa. Well sheltered site. Shade: 60%.
Growing with: Abies, Juniperus, Euphorbia rigida, Phlomis fruticosa, Cardamine, Quercus coccifera, Acer monspelliensis, Stachys.


Kosmas – Sparta road, Sparta just in view.
Altitude: 500m. Phrygana maquee on slope above dry river bed. Shade: 0-25%. Aspect: North-northeast facing slope of 1:1. Soil: Fairly shallow terra rossa.
Growing with: Quercus coccifera, Euphorbia rigida, Acer, Stachys, grasses.
Probably extra dry in summer. C. rhodium ssp. vividum fairly well tucked away in good soil pockets.


Part way between Lagio, and the Githio-Skala road.
Altitude: 200m. Burnt off scrub. Had been very dense – burnt off to 0% shade. Aspect: North-northwest facing 1:1 slope. Soil: Clay loam.
Growing with: Quercus coccifera, Arbutus unedo, Lonicera, Colchicum sp, Ophrys lutea, Gagea graeca


Road from Ag. Dimitrios, to the junction with the road to Kremasti (East of Geraki).
Altitude: 400m. Phrygana heavily grazed by goats. Shade: 20%. Aspect: East facing slope of 1:3. Soil: Terra rossa in rock pockets over limestone.
Growing with: Quercus coccifera, grasses, Cistus, Crepis, Lotus, Ranunculus, Globularia, Anenome blanda, Euphorbia rigida, Muscari neglectum, Orchis, Ornithogalum umbellatum.


On road from Kremasti to Lambokambos. (East of Geraki).
Altitude: 875m. Mainly mixed Arbutus scrub around 1m high. Shade: 40%. Aspect: North facing slope of 1:5. Soil: Thin terra rossa over limestone. Average growing conditions. Good protection given by number of evergreens, but site quite open.
Growing with: Arbutus ardrachie, Quercus coccifera Cotinus coggygria, Helianthemum sp., Euphorbia rigida, grasses. Further down road, C. rhodium ssp. vividum was growing on opposite (south facing) slope. Habitat and companion plants much the same.


West of Ag. Petros. Southeast of Tripoli.
Altitude: 900m. Deciduous woodland valley with running stream. Canopy at about 10m. Shade: 50-60% Aspect: North facing slope of 1:1. Soil: Deep woodland loam with deep leaf litter.
Growing with: Platanus orientalis, Populus sp., Euphorbia rigida, Aroids, Hermodactylus, Anenome blanda, Hedera helix, grasses, sedges, ferns, Urtica dioica, Geranium sp., Geranium robertianum, Primula vulgaris, Saxifraga graeca, Dactylorhiza, Ranunculus ficaria, Allium sp., Quercus coccifera. Cyclamen rhodium ssp. vividum predominated.


Slope on opposite side of valley to Ag. Petros, and facing it. Southeast of Tripoli.
Altitude: 900m. Open Phryrana. Quite well exposed. Shade: 15%. Aspect: South-east facing slope of 1:1. Soil: Very thin terra rossa over limestone.
Growing with: Quercus coccifera, Euphorbia rigida, Euphorbia characias, Stachys chrysantha, Phlomis fruticosa, Anenome pavonina, Muscari neglectum, Anenome blanda, grasses, Helianthemum, Verbascum. C. rhodium ssp. vividum predominated.


North of Kalavrita, by the road bend below the mansion, Mount Helmos.
Altitude: 600m. Scrub to 3m with some Abies as trees. Shade: 70%. Aspect: West facing slope of 1:1. Soil: Loamy terra rossa with substrate of limey conglomerate.
Growing with: Quercus coccifera, Picea cephalurica Spartium junceum, Juniperus, grasses, Vinca herbacea, Viola odorata, Lilium sp., Ruscus aculeatus, Doronicum, Origanum, Geranium robertianum, Cardamine, Convolvulus altheiodes.


North from Kalavrita. Mount Helmos.
Altitude: 550m. Deep valley, high sided with Platanus trees up to 15m. Shade: 25%. Aspect: Northwest facing slope of 1:10 to 1:0.5. Soil: Deep valley loam, plenty of leaf mould/humus.
Growing with: Platanus orientalis, Hedera helix, ferns, Symphytum, Rubus fruticosus, Lonicera, Smilax, grasses, Ranunculus ficaria, Clematis ?vitalba, Arum, Anenome blanda, Quercus coccifera, Doronicum, Colchicum sp.