Cyclamen Society Field Study: Northern Greece and Peloponnessos 2002

Two trips by Peter and Nick Moore or Peter Moore and Melvyn Jope to Northern Greece and Peloponnessos looking at C. hederifolium.

8 sites were surveyed and 12 plants collected.

CSE Plants Northern Greece and Peloponnessos, 2002.

CSE Plant No.Site No.SpeciesSubspecies
02001G02/01GC. hederifolium
02002G02/02GC. hederifolium
02003G02/02GC. hederifolium
02004G02/04GC. hederifoliumhederifolium
02005G02/04GC. hederifolium
02006G02/05GC. hederifolium
02007G02/05GC. hederifolium
02008G02/07GC. hederifolium
02009G02/07GC. hederifolium
02010G02/08GC. hederifoliumcrassifolium f. virgineum
02011G02/08GC. hederifoliumcrassifolium f. virgineum
02012G02/08GC. hederifoliumcrassifolium f. virgineum

CSE Sites in Northern Greece and Peloponnessos, 2002.

23/04/02 Junction to Kipi. 9kms from Kipi (according to sign).
Altitude: 850m. A few C.hederifolium at both bridges leading to Kipi.

24/04/02 Velos Gorge, Konitsa river, approx 7kms from Stomiou Monastery.
Altitude: 825m. C. hederifolium.

25/04/02 Aposkepos, 6.5kms south of Gavros.
Altitude: 800m. C. hederifolium.

26/04/02 Strimoniki, 7.5kms kms heading east to west from Strimoniki turning.
Altitude: 200m. C. hederifolium.

27/04/02 Lake Nestos Bridge, near Drama, 500 yards from bridge.
Altitude: 760m. C. hederifolium.

Valley running below the village of Milia, Peleponnese.
A populous site with plants growing in old terraces close to the stream. The terraces were in good repair and the cyclamen were thriving, either growing in the stone walls, or at the top or base of them.