Cyclamen Society Field Study: Northern Greece, 2001

A trip by Peter and Nick Moore to the Attica, Central Greece, Thessaly and Epirus regions of Greece looking at C. hederifolium.

14 sites were surveyed and 27 plants collected.

CSE Plants Northern Greece, 2001.

If plant images are available they may be viewed by clicking on the purple CSE plant number.

CSE Plant No.Site No.SpeciesSubspeciesDescription
01001G01/01GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
01002G01/01GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
01003G01/01GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
01004G01/01GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
01005G01/01GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
01006G*01/01GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
01007G01/01GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
01008G01/01GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
01009G01/03GC. hederifoliumhederifolium
01010G01/03GC. hederifolium
01011G01/03GC. hederifolium
01012G01/03GC. hederifolium
01013G01/03GC. hederifolium
01014G01/03GC. hederifolium
01015G01/08GC. hederifolium
01016G01/08GC. hederifolium
01017G01/08GC. hederifolium
01018G01/08GC. hederifolium
01019G01/10GC. hederifolium
01020G01/10GC. hederifolium
01021G01/10GC. hederifolium
01021aG01/13GC. hederifolium
01022G01/13GC. hederifolium
01023G01/13GC. hederifolium
01024G01/14GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
01025G01/14GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
01026G01/14GC. hederifoliumcrassifoliumLarge fleshy leaves.
*CSE01006G was designated the neotype for the subsp. crassifolium

CSE Sites in Northern Greece, 2001.

If site images are available they may be viewed by clicking on the purple site number.

Attica: Pentelikon, about 3km from Dionises.
Altitude: 499m. Bed of stream, dry terrain. C.hederifolium on north bank, C.graecum on south bank.

Lake Tavropou, between Karditsa and Ag. Athanasios.
Altitude: 800m. Quercus forest, Helleborus, Geraniums, Orchids. Extensive population of C. hederifolium.

Lake Tavropou, southeast corner of Lake.
Altitude: 800m. C.hederifolium, 3 orchids, Muscari sp., Crocus sp.

Above Filakti.
Altitude: 1050m. Very dry site with few C. hederifolium.

Lake Tavropou. Between Kalivia Pezoules and Krioneri.
Altitude: 830m. Large population of C. hederifolium.

Between Pertouli and Pili.
Altitude: 200m. Large population of C. hederifolium.

South Pindos between Pertouli and Kalambaka.
Altitude: 650m. C. hederifolium.

Katari Pass, between Metsovo and Votonosi.
Altitude: 900m. C. hederifolium.

Between Metsovo and Ioannina, on road to Potamia.
Altitude: 450m. C.hederifolium by trout stream.

Between Desfina and Distoma.
Altitude: 523m. C. hederifolium and C. graecum.

Northeast of the Gulf of Corinth, between Kiriaki and Ag. Anna.
Altitude: 800m. Low scrub in dry environment. C. hederifolium.