Cyclamen Society Field Study: Ikaria, Greece 2003

A trip by Peter and Nick Moore to the island of Ikaria looking at C. hederifolium.

23 sites were surveyed and 6 plants collected.

CSE Plants Ikaria Greece, 2003.

CSE Plant No.Site No.SpeciesDescription
03001G03/23GC. hederifolium
03002G03/23GC. hederifolium
03003G03/23GC. hederifolium
03004G03/04GC. hederifolium
03005G03/04GC. hederifolium
03006G03/04GC. hederifolium

CSE Sites in Ikaria Greece, 2003.

13/04/03 Between Gialiskari and Mandria.
Altitude: 545m. A few C. hederifolium in stream beds. A lot of forestation.

Altitude: 400m. C. hederifolium.