Cyclamen Society Field Study: Evia (Euboea), Greece 2018

This Field Study was a continuation of previous ones looking at
C. hederifolium that had started in 2007 with a Field Study to Corfu.

The series of studies set out to answer these questions:

  • C. hederifolium subsp. crassifolium, how widely is
    it distributed and where are the geographical
    boundaries between this subspecies and
    subsp. hederifolium.
  • Is it possible to look at plants in their
    natural habitat, and make an accurate
    judgement based solely on their morphology.

Although no live plants were collected during this field study, 19 sites
were recorded (18 surveyed), with leaf samples collected from 23
plants for laboratory analysis, and 70 plants for herbarium specimens.

A report of the 2018 field study was published in the
Cyclamen Society Journal Vol. 42 No. 1, June 2018.

CSE Plants and Sites Evia (Euboea), Greece 2018.

Plant and Site images may be viewed by clicking on the purple numbers.

CSE Plant No.Site No.SpeciesNotes
1800118/01C. hederifoliumSome ‘Lysander’ type leaves seen at this site.
1800218/01C. hederifolium
1800318/02C. hederifoliumVery good leaf.
1800418/03C. hederifolium
1800518/04C. hederifoliumGood leaf markings.
1800618/05C. hederifolium
1800718/06C. hederifolium
1800818/07C. hederifolium
1800918/08C. hederifolium
1801018/09C. hederifoliumPopulation with very good leaves.
1801118/10C. hederifoliumShiny attractive leaves.
1801218/10AC. hederifoliumExtension of site 18/10. Very large shiny leaves.
1801318/11C. hederifoliumDifficult site to survey – not widespread.
1801418/12C. hederifolium
1801518/13C. hederifolium
18/14C. hederifoliumSite inaccessible, located at the bottom of a steep gulley so no samples collected. Species identified with binoculars.
1801618/15C. hederifolium
1801718/16C. hederifolium
1801818/16C. hederifoliumShiny leaves – looked different.
1801918/17C. hederifolium
1802018/17AC. hederifoliumExtension of site 18/17. Leaves looked different – thought worth checking.
1802118/18C. hederifolium
1802218/18C. hederifolium
1802318/19C. hederifoliumVery good site.
Map of Evia showing locations of C. hederifolium sites surveyed. Map data © 2018 Google