Constitution  (If you click this link, the constitution will be displayed).

This constitution was adopted at the 2017 Annual General Meeting when the Cyclamen Society adopted a new charity structure called a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), which affords the trustees a greater degree of personal protection from litigation. It is very much in the interests of a charity to afford its trustees some protection, particularly from what is known as ‘vexatious’ litigation, because, if there are no trustees, there is no charity! This also enables future development of the constitution, when required, without complete replacement.

Proposed New Constitution  (If you click this link, the proposed new constitution will be displayed).

As set out in detail in the December 2019 edition of The Journal of the Cyclamen Society, the 2019 Annual General Meeting was, unfortunately, inquorate. In consequence, this constitution is proposed for adoption at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for Sunday 9 February 2020 at approximately 13.50 at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The adoption of this new constitution is proposed in order for the management of the organisation to continue effectively, now that an AGM has in fact been inquorate but as has threatened to occur for the last several years.
You are encouraged to attend this important meeting.